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(Women’s Health, New York, January 3, 2012)
Speak with most doctors and they will say that pain is a symptom of an underlying problem. You treat the problem and the pain goes away. But for a staggering number of Americans, that pain never goes away. In a sweeping study done by the National Academy of Science Institute of Medicine, it is estimated that a staggering 120 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. 1 in 4 Americans suffer from debilitating lower back pain alone, and it is estimated that almost 5% of those with chronic pain have tried suicide. It’s evident that western medicine simply doesn’t understand the cost of pain to both society and individual. That is because pain is both universal and intensely personal. Everyone has pain but no one can fully
understand the extent and cost of pain except the sufferer. As pain becomes prolonged many feel hopeless, frustrate and angry. They start withdrawing from the world and a downward spiral accelerates. Without treatment, simple pain in muscles and joints can quickly develop into chronic, life long pain. Indeed it is estimated that 7 out of 10 mothers of newborns and toddlers develop chronic lower back, hip and shoulder pain due to the physical demands of looking after their children. Left untreated, that pain can turn into Fibromyalgia (chronic pain in joints and muscles) or some form of arthritis.
“Living with pain leads the sufferer down a dangerous,
unhealthy and expensive path”
Most people live silently with pain because they feel that there’s nothing else they can do. And it costs us Billions of dollars. Work suffers, relationsships suffer, quality of life suffers and you simply can’t do the things that you wish to do or need to do. The office worker with carpal tunnel syndrome needs to take time off work and the construction worker with severe back pain simply can’t earn his living. Americans spend over a trillion dollars a year on harmful prescription medication just to get through a normal day.
But there are also hidden more dangerous affects of pain:

Both Chronic pain, long term daily pain that extends beyond the expected period of healing (ex. Arthritis, fibromyalgia, lower back, hips, golfer’s elbow etc…) and acute pain, pain that results from a specific event such as surgery or muscle tear can lead to the harmful effects mentioned above. If you’re living with pain right now, none of this is news to you. If you or a loved one suffers from pain, this is nothing that you don’t know already. Grey active ultra

Now there’s a revolutionary new product that is gaining rapid popularity amongst chronic and acute pain sufferers alike. The all natural, FDA Approved, patented O24™ Pain Management System has been clinically proven to provide incredible pain relief without any side effects. grey active ultra

Samantha Goodman is a 55 year old lawyer from Seattle, Washington who has suffered from arthritis for the past few years. She’s been an O24™ customer for over a year and says it’s changed her life. grey active ultra

grey active ultra

"I tried O24™ after my daughter recommended it to me, but I must admit I was pretty skeptical at first. Apparently my son-in-law uses it religiously for chronic pain in his elbows and lower back and she thought it could help me. From the first application, O24™ gave me instant relief. Over the weeks that followed, I used it as needed and I saw that it relieved my arthritic pain more and more. I also noticed O24™ wasn't just killing the pain, I'm not sure if it's possible but I felt that it was helping me heal. I was able to move around and get active without pain for the first time in years. The best thing about it is that it's an ointment, not a pill, so it eliminated my stomach pain from taking pills. It has changed my life. It's liberating to be able to do things I want to do, I'm far more active now and I absolutely feel wonderful. It feels like I've turned back time."

grey active ultra

Samantha Goodman with her daughter Kaylee
- Seattle, Washington

Over the years, Rob Tallack, Founder and CEO of O24™ has seen an peculiar development within his customer base.

“We first developed O24™ Pain Management System for sufferers of specific type of chronic pain, mostly Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia (chronic pain in muscles, joints and ligaments). And we still get thousands of customers who use O24™ to effectively treat those ailments, in fact, we’re the only pain management solution that is approved by the National Fibromyalgia Association. But we’re also seeing men and women of all ages use O24™ for lower back pain, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, we have moms swearing that O24™ helps them alleviate pain from sore feet, sore wrists and other common pain due to overuse. It’s become a part of their daily lives. We have a number of professional sports franchises using our product, the German National Track and Field team uses 024™ Pain Management System to treat injuries and help accelerate recovery. We even have Larry Holmes, the former heavyweight boxing champ who has become a huge fan of O24™ and uses it daily to treat chronic pain caused by years of boxing. O24™ is clinically tested and FDA approved. It simply works.”

-Rob Tallack, President and CEO of O24™ Pain Management System

Recently featured on a number of health publications, the experts are excited by what a product such as o24 can do for millions of men and women around the world who suffer from chronic and acute pain.
“O24™ is an over the counter product that is a unique proprietary blend with a U.S. Patent that has been clinically tested and scientifically validated. It may be taken with any other medications with no interference and no side effects whatsoever. I have patients that have been using this formula for years and swear by it. O24™ is really the only pain management system that I use and as a physician I highly recommend O24™ for the treatment of pain with peace of mind for the physician as well. In fact, the National Fibromyalgia Association has granted their seal of approval due to the high percentage of relief found in their patients.”

- Dr. Alan N. Fields for Women’s Health, Private Doctor to Muhammad Ali, Former World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion -

Problem with Pain Pills?
They’re expensive and they can kill you!
Over the counter pain medications such as ibuprofen, Aspirin and Lakota are currently the most popular solutions to pain relief. The shocking reality is that these pill based medications have been shown to cause potentially fatal side effects such as ulcers and severe stomach bleeding. Startling statistics show that the use of these medications leads to more than 100,000 hospitalizations and 16,000 deaths
each year in the United States alone. Many Americans are unaware that they maybe developing serious side effects because there are no warning symptoms. Indeed the highly popular painkillers Vioxx and Bextra have been recalled numerous times by the FDA and other world health organizations after they have shown to cause heart attacks, strokes and blood clots. Rob Tallack thinks that the American public is getting wise to these insanely harmful side effects and thinks that this is the reason why O24™ is growing so rapidly.

“024™ an all natural product with absolutely no side effects. It’s designed for long term use so that it helps people manage their pain and problems long term, not on a day to day basis. It’s not just about killing the pain, it’s about managing and healing the source of your time over a lifetime. It’s affordable, it’s safe and it absolutely works. Just try it once and you’ll see why we’re so passionate about this formula.”

Too Good To Be True?
We Decided To Test It For Ourselves

Like many who first hear about O24™, we were also skeptical, so I decided to use the product myself and document the results. My thought was to test it on the chronic pain in my right hip and to test it on my sore feet, a pain every woman standing on heels would understand. Would it work for both my chronic pain and my sore feet? I first started the test by ordering the product online at www.allnaturalpainmanagement.com

What O24™ claims on their website:

All natural O24™ Pain Management System is a patented, FDA approved topical medicine made up of 7 essential oils known throughout history to treat pain and disease. It is sold in a spray bottle, and a towelette form made for easy portability (think carrying it in your purse or bag). It’s made in and shipped from the US.

For Chronic Pain:

For Acute Pain:

So did O24™ work? results of my test!

The O24™ product was delivered to my office within 5 days. I received a 2 green packs filled with the towelletes, a blue back filled with the towellete and a blue spray bottle. The blue package is specially formulated for Fibromyalgia but the makers say that it’s just as effective as the green original formula (the green packs) for all the ailments listed. All in all, the entire pack should last 2 to 3 months depending on how you use it. I decided that I wanted to test it daily for a full month. I also gave it out to 5 of my patients to see how they would react to the product.

The results were outstanding!

I noticed instant relief for my chronic pain in my hip and my sore feet. I applied the spray directly to my hip and for my sore feet I simply added a few drops into hot water and soaked my feet in it for about 5 minutes. I felt a hot, soothing sensation within minutes of applying the medication. I actually enjoyed the sweet peppermint smell that emanate from the products.
The package arrived within a few days. A bottle and 3 boxes of towelettes. I tried soaking my feet with hot water and O24 drops, my feet felt incredible!

I found that it works better and better over time. With constant application over 30 days, I felt that the intensity of pain minimized even when I didn’t apply the medication. The 5 patients that tried it all had the same glowing reviews. They all agreed that it worked better than what they had been using and would switch over to O24™. One patient Michael noted that his sever and constant headaches due to stress tension were all but gone. He noted that the headaches completely disappeared after approximately 3 weeks of use.

Any Side Effects?

I noted no medical side effects. The formula does emit a sweet, peppery smell and it does sting if you get it close to your eye. If applying it to a child, make sure you don’t get it near their mouth, eyes or nose, else it’s also safe for use with children.

Conclusion: O24™ Pain Management System works better than I expected

O24™ is an amazing and natural solution for all aches and pains. My research into their clinical studies and claims show that the product has gone through rigorous scientific testing with incredible results.

I recommend that you try it for yourself, it’s definitely worth trying just to see if it’ll work for you as well as it did for me and my patients. For a limited time, O24™ has agreed to offer a special reduced price trial to our readers, if you’d like to try it for yourself, click on the coupon below and reserve your supply quickly, they sell out fast and it’s available for a limited time.

Update: Special Price Offer Expires:
January 3, 2012

Jennifer Komoll
January 3, 2012

024 is absolutely amazing. My knee has never been the same after a bike accident 2 years ago. I’ve been using everything from pain killers to off the shelf stuff and none of them really worked. I thought I was just going to have to live with this for the rest of my life. Thank god for this product! You need to try it to believe it!

Valerie Ramsey
January 3, 2012

Just wanted to report that I ordered the product 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been using it for about a week and a half. I’m very pleased with the product and also the customer service. This girl Heather was amazing, she was so helpful. I have sciatica, arthritis in my hands and wrists. This product helps with all of my chronic illness. I’m a very happy customer, you can use me as a reference if you want anytime. thank you. Valerie.

Margaret Jones
January 3, 2012

I just wanted to write in and thank you for helping our family.
My husband is in construction and he had a bad fall about 2 years ago and wrecked his back and knee. He was taking ibuprofen and aspirin (the pharmaceutical term is NSAID) to help with the pain, but on our last visit the doctor told us he had an ulcer and had bleeding in his stomach because the pills were thinning the lining of his stomach. So we tried everything from massage therapy to acupuncture to try and get off these pills. The doctor said we could try surgery on his back, but there was a 25% chance that he could be paralyzed. We thought we’d hit a dead end. Then my naturopathic doctor said to try 024, we really had no other choice. I bought it a month ago, and it has been a miracle for us. He still has days where he feels some pain but for the most part, he’s much better. With continued daily use I think it’s going to help even more. I will keep you informed, but again, thank you. I think this product will help a lot of people who need the help. All the best and keep up the good work.


melanie jenning
January 3, 2012

I recently tried this product. Usually I don’t bother leaving comments on the internet but I feel compelled to do so here because chronic pain is such an important issue.

1) Cons -

The only complaint I have with 024 is that the peppermint smell is a bit over powering. I also didn’t realize that getting the oils in the eye would sting like hell. So be warned, make sure you wash your hands before tough your eyes and sensitive areas. I also found that if you wash the area that applied the 024 formula to, the smell is much less invasive. Also, don’t spray it in the air, try spraying the formula to the hands and then applying it to the area of pain. That seems to keep the smell manageable.

2) Pros –

I have arthritis in my hands, hips and elbows. Within 5 minutes I felt it working. It works better the more you use it.
I have a bad back – 024 worked for that too
I used to get really bad headaches due to unbalanced tension around the shoulder and neck area. This really helped. You would never realize that something wrong with a foot can cause problems in other areas but that’s how the human body works. Just minimizing my stress tension solved a number of chronic issues.
I gave it to my son to try (shoulder problems prevent him from golfing these days) and he took half my stash!! I told him to buy his own! He says it works like a dream, so that’s two for two.

This is a solid product.


Bruce Thompson
January 3, 2012

My wife and I both suffer from arthritis and sciatica. We’re only in our 50s and we were both sick and tired of living to accommodate the pain. I can’t stand the pills, it’s unbelievable how expensive prescription pills are these days. So ordered this product on the web, and crossed my fingers. I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. Probably the best topical pain killer I’ve ever tried. I like the fact that it’s all natural, lord knows we put enough junk in our bodies I don’t need another genetically engineered bio-hazard coursing through my veins. Maybe it won’t work for everyone, but it worked for me and I’m pretty grateful. I wish everyone the best :-)

January 3, 2012

Just got my new shipment, thought I’d check what others are saying.
Dottie, I was in a car accident a year ago and this product has been saving me! I was in severe pain adn didn’t know what to do and like you, I have a big part of my back that is hurting so I just used the spray to get the whole back, which works so well!! Definitely worth a try!


Janete Maria R. de Souza.
posted: 2012-01-02

Please Can you answer me: How I get this medicine, because my mother has fibromyalgia.She is 84 y.o. I can to buy this medicine without receipt ? I find this medicine in San Antonio-Texas-USA. ???? My mother have high pressure blood…She take medicine Lossartana potassica, ok ?
Thank you.
Janete Maria R. de Souza.
(San Antonio- Texas-USA)

marita nguyen
posted: 2012-01-02

I have nerve damage in my back and fibro, it’s been a challenge every morning getting up and simply getting through the day. My daughter bought me your product a month ago and I’m feeling really good. I can get around on my own with out any help. I will be sharing this story with all of my friends here in Orange County! ! Marita

Margene Adkins
posted: 2012-01-02

I was fortunate to play for the Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets and the Canadian Football League from 1967 to 1975. I know about pain. A friend brought me some 024. After using the oil for several weeks, I knew I had found a safe, effective treatment for pain, the chronic debilitating kind. Where was this product when I was playing football? I love it, and I recommend everyone to try this even if you’re not an athlete.

Zoe C
posted: 2012-01-02

Camphor, Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, orange oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil. It’s pretty good stuff, i’m happy with it, been using it for 6 months

Donna Young
posted: 2012-01-01

Ihad a motorcycle acc.7yrs. ago. Had several surgeries. A 2×5″ stick of wood went into the back of my thigh. This has caused lower back aches, I have had plastic surgery done on the gapping hole in my leg. In that spot I have constant burning pain, throbbing down to my foot. Somedays the throbbing is sooo bad I can’t stand it. This is from nerve damage the stick did. Therefore I live w/chronic pain. I also broke my pelvic an have a metal plate. That does’nt seem to bother much at the moment. Only that my abs. & back are weak. We live in Vt. an Cold, damp days are very tough for me as this is when I tend to have the most pain. I take lyrica, change a fentanyl patch every 2 days, I have a neurostimulator in my spine. (This helps some but not like I thought it would):”(. I am 53 I want to enjoy life, my grankids, an socialize w/friends again. Chronic Pain makes this very difficult to do so. Can you help? I sure do hope so.I’m willing to try almost anything to rid myself of pain. Thanks for reading this an trying to help me out.:)……
donna young

Bill Clement
posted: 2012-01-01

Hi everyone, my name is Bill Clement and I am a licensed Acupuncturist in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. I was introduced to 024 about 2 years ago and have been recommending it to my patience ever since. This product is an all natural combination of oils will no chemicals or alcohol. It is important to me to use only natural products in my practice. I have seen many problems improve using the oil. Some examples are sinus congestion, migraines, all types of muscle and joint pains. I am very happy with 024 and will continue to stock bottles for my clients to purchase. I strongly recommend this product. You need to try it to see how effective it really is for your problem

posted: 2012-01-01

My husband is having a horrible time with Shingles. He didn’t get the blister outbreak, but just the pain. It’s on the right side of his back. I’m assuming, that since there isn’t an open sore, he could get some relief from this. I hope so, I just ordered it. I’m really hoping it works, thank you!

susan chang
posted: 2012-01-01

I believe in the NATURAL. If not careful, side effects can really destroy lives. That 024 is amazing…I have chronic neck and arm pains due to an “on the job injury” and all the muscle relaxers and pain killers could NEVER compare to 024. THANK YOU!

Nathan Smolin
posted: 2012-01-01

I ordered this product about a month ago. I have a really bad back and elbow pain. Sometimes I need to take pain killers and opiates to just function during the day. I ordered over phone and the lady sounded really nice. I tried this thing in the morning and within an hour…..instant pain relief. It cools and heats at the same time, I could move without pain for the 1st time in a long time. I was blown away. There is a rather strong peppermint smell, I think one of the ingredients is peppermint, I don’t mind it but my wife says it’s too strong. So I just wash it off after an hour and the smell is gone. I remember seeing this product in Europe actually about 10 years ago, I’m glad I can finally get it here in Michigan!

Amanda Wallace
posted: 2012-01-01

I gained some weight while on my last pregnancy and I’m having a hard time losing it because of knee and back pains. I tried this stuff cause my husband was using it for his elbows and guess what, no pain!! I’m back walking again and just being more active!! It does have a pepperminty smell so make sure you wash the oils off after an hour if you don’t like the smell, other than that. A+ rating!

posted: 2011-12-31

I would like to wholesale your product in my store. I have a wellness and nutrtional center
KulpChiropractic Clinic,Inc. & Clinical Nutrition Center
52 Morgantown rd
pa 19611
Please let me know how I can wholesale this product
Dr. Kulp

Becky hendrickson
posted: 2011-12-31

Hey I saw this at my Naturopath’s office, the whole pack was going for $129!! I want to try it, can I order online?

posted: 2011-12-31

To Marylin, I have Fibro and arthritis as well. I’ve been using this product for a long time, it’s really popular in Europe. Try it, it work

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